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What is Human Design? A quick summary.

Human Design is a combination of astrology, the I'Ching, the Kabalah, the Chakra System + Quantum Physics.

You have everything you need energetically encoded into you.

Human Design shows you the components that make up YOUR unique gifts, genius, wisdom and what you're here to contribute in this lifetime.

There is no one like you. Never has been, never will be. THAT is your magic.

When I first discovered Human Design it very quickly blew my mind!

My chart was just so accurate I wanted to learn everything I could.

Here was a system  highlighting that we are all unique and the more we embrace this, the more easeful and joyful life becomes. 

Human Design won't 'fix' all your problems, nor will it tell you what to do. However, it might just change your life, as you begin to understand just how amazing you are as you begin the lifelong experiment of living in alignment with your Human Design.

This is my type of magic. The type that lives in us all.

Based on your Birth day, date, year and time as well as exactly where you were born, your Human Design is similar to your astrological Birth Chart however, I have found it far easier to understand and incorporate into how I live life.

Your Human Design Chart is made up of many layers. The first thing you will learn about your Human Design is your Energy Type, there are 5 of them:

You can read more about each of these energy types in blog I have written about each of them.

Each Energy type has a specific Aura and is your vehicle for navigating life and how you’re here to exchange your energy.

The next thing we look at is Strategy. This is how you’re here to USE that energy correctly.

Then we have the Not Self and the Signature. These are the two emotional sign posts that let us know when we’re in or out of alignment.

The layers beyond this become more and more nuanced to the individual the deeper we go (and we can go DEEP!)

Your Authority is your inner guidance that gives you the ability to make energetically correct decisions, resource your own power and become your own authority. 

Your Profile is made up of two numbers between 1 and 6 and 12 of the combinations possible. Each number in your profile represents one of the two archetypes you came to bring to life.

Your Incarnation Cross is your unique energetic contribution and is all about your purpose.

Your Energy Centers can be either defined, undefined or open.

Defined centres tend to have energy consistently available to you that highlight your strengths and gifts.

Undefined centres tend to show us the areas you’re here to learn, grow and offer wisdom in.

All this information is illustrated in what we call your chart - which is pretty strange looking when you first see it - like something out of a Human Biology book!

Like I said I was fascinated by Human Design from the first time I learned about it and after a year or so of learning and experimenting which all the areas above such as authority and strategy I trained to become a Human Design Reader and am super excited to now be offering personalised reports and 1:1 readings.

Human Design Personalised Report

One of the coolest things that that has happened now i have been look at and reading charts so often is that I have started to 'see' the information about a person just by looking at the chart without having to constantly refer back to my resources. It's like the Matrix (favourite movie ever!) - what started out as green lines of code now starts to take shape before my eyes and I get a glimpse into the wonderful unique Human's chart I am reading. Magical!!!

I look forward to sharing more information with you about all the aspects of Human in more details but particularly how it relates to Brand strategy.

For now, here is a look at my Chart below. You can get yourself one of these by simply clicking the button below.

Jennifer Birkhead Human Design Chart


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