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Projector Energy Archetype

Projector Energy Archetype Poster

I have affectionately given each of the Human Design Energy types names that I feel suit their brand archetype.

Projector Energy Archetype: MASTERFUL GUIDE

MASTERFUL performed or performing very skilfully

Synonyms: expert, adept, clever, masterly; skilful, skilled, adroit, proficient, deft, dexterous, accomplished, polished, excellent, superb, superlative, consummate, first-rate, peerless, fine

GUIDE a person who shows the way to others, a person who advises others

Synonyms: lead, lead the way, conduct, show, show someone the way, usher, shepherd,  direct, steer, pilot, escort, accompany, attend; see, take, help, assist

Strategy: To Wait for the Invitation

Not Self: Bitterness

Signature: Success


My ode to the Projector

You are able to guide us in how to do things better and more efficiently.

You observe and see things in a way that others don’t. When you have a fascination in something you have the ability to focus deeply, becoming an expert, seeing how to achieve to the highest and best outcome.

Your aura is intense and absorbing which allows you to look into something thoroughly, with a sense of merging with the energy of the subjects you are focused on. The intensity of your focus means your energy may come in shorter bursts, buffered by rest.

Your biggest gift is in the seeing, not the doing. You are well suited to empowering other by sharing with them how to do things better. You are here to guide and teach us. First though, you must take the time to recognise your own mastery and position yourself as the person others seek for that guidance.

You see what we can’t, and won’t, until we are ready to ask you to show us.


If you are a Projector yourself or know someone who would love this reminder of what it is to embrace this energy you can purchase your own poster to fame by clicking below. The artwork of this poster is a custom illustration done by artist and also my eldest child, Nyx Birkhead.


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