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Human Design is a combination of astrology, the I’Ching,
the Kabalah and the Chakra System.

You have everything you need energetically encoded into you.

Human Design shows you the components that make up YOUR unique gifts, genius, wisdom and what you’re here to contribute in this lifetime.

There is no one like you.
Never has been, never will be.
THAT is your magic.

Jennifer Birkhead Design Human Design

When I first discovered Human Design it very quickly blew my mind!

My chart was just so accurate I wanted to learn everything I could.

Here was a system highlighting that we are all unique and the more we embrace this, the more easeful and joyful life becomes. 

I am super excited to now share it with you.

The next step is completely up to you depending on what you are ready for. You might want to start by heading over to the blog to learn a little bit more about Human Design in general.

Alternatively, you can choose your own adventure from the three options below, see what suit you best. 

Human Design won't 'fix' all your problems, nor will it tell you what to do. However, it might just change your life, as you begin to understand just how amazing you are as you begin the lifelong experiment of living in alignment with your Human Design.

This is my type of magic. The type that lives in us all.

Human Design Reader Jennifer Birkhead
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Jennifer Birkhead Design Human Design


All you need is your date of birth, place of birth and exact time of birth and you are on your way uncovering the magic of your unique self! This is where the magic starts people!!

Maybe you already know your Energy type but would like to know more or, you want a bit more information than what the free chart offers. This 25 page report is for you!

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Jennifer Birkhead Design Human Design


Coloured clouds
Jennifer Birkhead Design Human Design


This is for those of you who want a deeper understanding and a more personal explanation of what your Human Design Chart says, and how it all links together, to tell the story of YOU!

I LOVE taking people through their charts - it is a magical experience!

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