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Generator Energy Archetype

Generator Energy Archetype Poster

I have affectionately given each of the Human Design Energy types names that I feel suit their brand archetype.

Generator Energy Archetype: ASTUTE AMPLIFIER

ASTUTE having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one's advantage

Synonyms: ingenious, clever, intelligent, bright, brilliant, smart, canny, media savvy, intuitive,  discerning, perceptive, perspicacious, penetrating, insightful, incisive, piercing,  discriminating, sagacious, wise, judicious; cunning, artful, crafty, wily, calculating; 

AMPLIFIER make (something) more marked or intense

Synonyms: make louder, turn up, increase, boost, step up, raise, magnify, intensify, escalate, swell, heighten; add to, augment, supplement.

Strategy: To Respond

Not Self: Frustration

Signature: Satisfaction


My ode to the Generator

You are here to create and amplify good energy in the world.

You are here to know what you love and to do just that. 

Life will continually give you opportunities and situations to respond to. You are here to respond to what feels right for you. The more you follow this feeling and choose what feels good instead of what you think you should be doing, the more magnetic your aura becomes.The things that light you up actually GIVE you more energy to keep doing and creating all the things that give you a feeling of satisfaction. Doing things you don’t love will drain your energy, leaving you tired.

Weaving whatever is joyous, fun, satisfying and a ‘YES’ into your life is imperative, because when you are in the state of satisfaction everyone benefits from what you do and create. Get to know what a YES feels like. Do more of that.


If you are a Generator yourself or know someone who would love this reminder of what it is to embrace this energy you can purchase your own poster to fame by clicking below. The artwork of this poster is a custom illustration done by artist, and also my eldest child, Nyx Birkhead.


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