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Brand Strategist and Designer Jennifer Birkhead

Who is Jennifer Birkhead?


I'm the creative who brings clarity to chaos and designs beautiful branding solutions for businesses around the world.

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20+ years creating beautiful brand stories

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A natural choice


I've always been a confident creative person who enjoys making things visually cohesive and beautiful. I've always noticed details, seen and made connections that others may not. I'm all about feeling ALL the feelings and noticing how others feel too. Design embodies connection through creativity. It was a good fit for me.


Since achieving a Bachelor of Arts in Design, I have worked on nearly every aspect of graphic design you can think of in: studios, corporate, government, in-house and freelance environments. Having worked in both the public and private sectors, my clients have ranged from big corporate, to local government, state government, to small businesses, start ups, and not-for-profits. 

I've learned a lot along the way, adapting and growing with changes in the industry and the world in general.

Brand Strategist and Designer Jennifer Birkhead


My extensive experience expands beyond diverse clients and environments. As I age, I embrace authenticity wholeheartedly, and witnessing others do the same inspires me. Clarity about our identity and how we want to show up unleashes magic. This ethos defines Jennifer Birkhead Brand Strategy and Design and I have now woven in Human Design to the services I offer as it reflects this so well.

I've amalgamated professional expertise, personal experiences, and natural gifts to shape my current offerings. This unique alchemy empowers me to deliver genuine value while engaging in work that feeds my spirit.

I'm all about for savouring the journey, recognising it as the source of genuine magic and connection.

My process is thorough because I want you to truly love and adore our collaborative creation, ensuring your brand story is not only visually compelling but also authentically enriching.

Want to know more? 


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Currently living in Australia. Born in England. Lived in France for a year.


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I always laugh wholeheartedly (cackle), dance like no one is watching (I'll be first on the dancefloor) and sing loud enough for anyone to hear.

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I am a qualified Yoga instructor.


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Coffee enjoyer.
Also Red wine enjoyer.
Also chocolate...


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Mountains or the ocean - wide open spaces humble and ground me.


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I am married with two magnificent children, a Golden Retreiver called Oakley and a cat named Odin.

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