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Jennifer Birkhead Design Human Design

Human Design helps you align to the most authentic version of you.

If you are keen to gain a deeper understanding of what your chart says about your gifts, strengths, and areas for growth, a one on one Human Design reading is simply the best way to experience this.

I will help you decipher what you are looking at with your chart, what it all means and, most importantly, how it works together synergistically. 

A one on one Human Design Chart reading may be the most empowering thing you ever do for yourself.

No more trying to do life the same as everyone else and wondering why it just doesn't feel right for you or bring the same success.

The answers lie waiting in your chart - we are not all made to be the same. You have a very unique essence that I would love to help you understand, embrace and start weaving into your work and your life in general.

Sound good?

Human Design Reader Jennifer Birkhead
Vive Oldham

Jen has a knack for making everything feel fun!

If the idea of Human Design feels a bit overwhelming and you're not sure how it fits for you, Jen will guide you to all the AHA moments and help you find the words that make deep sense to you!  And trust me, when those moments start rolling in, it's like one after the other.

Like Jen says, this is less about finding a grand plan, and more about knowing you had it all along. Whether you're doing HD for branding or just for personal interest, with Jen, you're bound to love every minute of it. 

Vive Oldham

How it works

It’s super important that the DOB details you enter are all accurate when you book your session as your reading hinges on this. If this is not possible because you aren't sure of your specific time of birth, please provide a window of time as accurately as you can. If this is also not possible please contact me before booking your reading.

What we will cover


How our aura functions and how we’re here to exchange energy with the world.


How we’re designed to use our Energy Type and how we interact with the world.


Emotional sign posts that let us know when we’re in or out of alignment.


The best way for you to make energetically correct decisions


The two personality
archetypes you came to
bring to life.


Your unique energetic contribution to the world  (purpose)


Where your energy is consistently available to you highlighting strengths and gifts.


Areas your energy is less consistent and you're here to learn, grow and offer wisdom in.
Plus a look at the areas of your chart
that hold the keys to... 


Your personal Brand Essence


Your Soul Message


Your Community Connection


Your Specific Uniqueness


What you are moving away from and what you are moving towards

Susie McLachlan

The Human Design session with Jen was absolutely amazing!! 

It was a journey of self discovery with so many "ah ha" moments of clarity.  

To finally understand more of why I think and feel the way I do has made me feel more empowered and confident.  The tools and strategies I have learned are invaluable.

Jen has a way of explaining the chart that makes it easy to understand. She is warm and friendly and made the session fun.  I had so many questions and valued her wealth of knowledge. 

Everyone needs to get their chart done, it is a life changing gift.

Susie McLachlan


Embrace all that your energy type stands for and get yourself one of these amazing posters to display somewhere as a visual reminder of just how amazing you are.

Human Design Posters
Jennifer Birkhead Design Human Design

Ready to weave your Human Design into your Branding?

When you have a good understanding of your Human Design you have the magic to weave through your personal brand that takes authenticity to the next level!
This is my speciality!
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