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Following the Fun - a Creative Life

What are the things in life that you find the most fun? What if you could weave all those magical soul's callings together to create an even richer experience in this lifetime. The message I've been receiving over and over lately is to just show up, authentically, as me. No justification needed.

So here I am. Doing what I've always done, living with my heart on my sleeve.

The Arts

Wikipedia defines 'The Arts' as:

'A very wide range of human practices of creative expression, storytelling and cultural participation. They encompass multiple diverse and plural modes of thinking, doing and being, in an extremely broad range of media.'

I love this definition and it make complete sense to me. 'The Arts' is not just a field of work for me, it is a state of being that feels authentic in the most natural way possible.


I have been confident on a stage expressing myself through performance, in acting, singing and dancing, for as long as I can remember. I truly loved it. I still do. It has never felt forced, always fun and in flow.

Last year I took to the stage for the first time in a long time, to act in a play with our local rep club and it sparked something within me that I have no intention of dousing - watch this space...


One of my favourite classes at school was creative writing and I've always loved reading (and now listening to ) books, they are my favourite way to see into other worlds or experiences.

I have written for many blogs over the years. Not with any goal in mind. Mainly just to put the words down somewhere other than my head.

I've got journals full of poetry which tells the journey of my heart.


I have loved to draw and create since forever and did double art in year 11 and 12 at high school spend many lunchtimes in the art room creating.

As you know, if you've read the 'About' section of this website, after school I achieved my Bachelor of Arts in Design, Majoring in Graphic Design and Minoring in Photography. I come alive when I'm designing. I love the whole process and it's one I have been able to refine over the years. I love the specific way graphic design communicates with an audience.

To me 'The Arts' are an intrinsic part of the human experience, because they make us feel. As an artist I am here to express, freely.

I am here to be bold and to share.

I want you to know that when you work with me I am a real person, feeling all the feels, doing this messy thing called life, learning, growing and stretching the whole way along.

I want you to know that I care deeply about 'The Arts', in particular design. Which means I care deeply about helping you share your story. It is a natural skill of mine that I have also taken years to enhance, learn and grown within.


If you were looking for a sign to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do: draw more, embroider, start the business, sing in places other than the shower, take the dance class, throw some clay, write the book or anything else that your soul is calling you to do… this is it!

I find that the more I lean into these things that light me up the more fun life is. I'm reframing the saying "just for fun". I'm saying "because it's fun". Jen x

P.S. I have recorded this blog for you to listen to if you are on the go - I love listening to podcast/books etc when walking or driving. Just weaving another one of those fun things into blog posts ;)


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