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Sarah Joyce Journeys logo



After many years honing her skills while working in the travel industry Sarah wanted to go out on her own. 

Her point of difference was creating a truly bespoke travel experience by truly connecting with and caring about her clients. 

She makes travel simple. She has solid experience and expertise but it is her attention to detail and care that sets her apart.

Her service is high end and a classy brand to match was in order. 

Avoiding typical travel symbols, we instead focused on the initials SJJ.

Sarah Joyce journeys are, after all, unique BECAUSE of Sarah herself.

The result was simple, elegant, strong. 


It is an S made up of two Js.

Just like the journeys she co ordinates, where each individual holiday reflects the client perfectly, the Js are reflected. The two directions also represent 'return trip’.


The Js when used as a branding element on their own also create a love heart because that is how she approaches her business and clients.

SJJ 2.jpg
SJJ 22.jpg
SJJ 23.jpg
SJJ 24.jpg
SJJ 25.jpg
SJJ 26.jpg
Blue pattern 2_edited.jpg

Inspired to work with me?

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