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The Archetype of the Reflector - Freeflowing Facilitator

Reflectors have the ability to adapt to and sample the energy of everyone and everything around them. They can read a room like no one else which is why I affectionately call them the Freeflowing Facilitator.


"You are a rare and wonderful being who feels and reflects the world in all its depth. Your special gift is to see the environment in a clear light and to intuitively grasp the essence of things."


The artwork for this poster has been custom illustrated by Nyx Birkhead, my eldest child.


Displaying this human design Reflector poster somewhere so you see it daily is the perfect way to be reminded of just how amazing you are, and to embrace your Reflector energy.


It could also be a wonderful gift for a Reflector in your life that you love and appreciate for the energy they bring to your life.



This is a digital product. Upon payment you will be able to download a press resolution PDF.
Size of the file is A4. 
You can then have it printed on whatever paper or card you wish, to be presented as is, or framed to a style of your choice.

Please note, photos are just examples of how product may be printed. No physical product will be shipped.


Human Design Reflector Poster

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