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Lush Words is a copywriting services that is passionate about supporting women in business to be all the can be, transforming their thoughts and ideas into working content that speaks to their customers.

I decided on a silhouette woman. Without the details of her face she could be any colour, age or ethnicity but she is still obviously feminine. I also feel it represents both strength and grace. 

It was important to my client to use local Noongar flowers and plants.

than stereotypical Australian flora. She wanted to be different yet representative of the indigenous land.


The placement and variety of the flora represents growth, variety, uniqueness, blooming, ideas, imagination. There is also  a feeling of her emerging, which represents womens’ emerging voice as well as emerging businesses. The flowers say 'a flair with words, giving voice to your ideas.’


To me, this women knows who she is and isn’t afraid to express it.

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