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Heartsong is an expression that means living a life that makes your heart sing. This includes what elements of a healthy lifestyle you need to live your optimal life. 

At its core, Heartsong seeks to nurture, connect and inspire people, with a hope that when a person is living more within their own Heartsong, a positive ripple effect is triggered, enabling that love to be passed on to others and the planet.

My client was specific about using a heart for obvious reasons and also loves sacred and symbolic geometry, particularly the triangles that represent earth, air, water, fire

The selected concept ties in sacred geometry, hearts, lotus flower (meaning: Symbol of Personal Progress: The physical aspects of the lotus flower have also contributed to its meaning. The lotus flower has many petals that surround the centre in multiple concentric layers. As the petals open, more petals are revealed until the lotus is in full bloom and all the layers are revealed. This process is seen as a metaphor for the progress made in gradual stages to ultimately reach spiritual enlightenment and self-realization.

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