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CLIENT: Academy Ink


Academy Ink creates a tailored approach to workplace Learning and Development for big businesses. 


Academy Ink provides unique custom built brand academies, learning pathways, industry leading programs and social mobile learning solutions, that their clients can use as recruitment and retention tools.

The logo needed to be simple and clever. I created a bespoke font so that the round shape of each letter also reflected the dot of the 'i' which became a feature when turned upside down to create an exclamation mark. The tag line for the business is 'Making your mark as an employer of choice' so the exclaimation mark works to emphasise this.

The graphic shapes as branding elements illustrate the work that academy ink does: creating unique solutions for clients that represent their brand.

Each element fits within the square, which represents the structure and considered framework that academy ink offers clients.

academy branding for website.jpg
academy branding for website2.jpg
academy branding for website7.jpg
academy branding for website4.jpg
academy branding for website8.jpg
academy branding for website3.jpg
academy branding for website5.jpg
academy branding for website6.jpg
academy branding for website10.jpg
academy branding for website9.jpg
academy branding for website11.jpg
Blue pattern 2_edited.jpg

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